Free Hosting

Free Hosting

Build your website and get it stored on our servers without any effort. SITE123 hosts your website totally free of charge.

The free hosting we offer is done through highly secure servers. All websites are treated with total confidentiality. The data is protected by the most modern firewalls, tools and security procedures.

Focus on building your website by using our various tools. Take the most advantage our platform provides. Try out all the features and stick to what fits best on your design. The free hosting is automatically taken care of by our platform in real-time.

"SITE123 hosts your website for you and it is totally free of charge"

We use the most up-to-date technology, making connections faster. This ensures better loading speed and perfect functionality for your website. All the work you do is saved instantly and is safely stored with our free hosting on dedicated servers as you work on your website. Each change you make to your website is set by our system so you can keep progress of your work and not lose any changes.

SITE123 uses an advanced Content Delivery Network (CDN), which distributes copies of original data to hundreds of web servers around the globe. This way your visitors will be able to view your pages in the quickest possible manner when downloaded from the nearest web server.