Google Map Integration Tool

Google Map Integration Tool

Use the google maps app and increase the number of visitors at your local business by adding google maps to your website.

Have you noticed how annoying it is to try to find the address of a company and not be able to find it? You have the name of the street, the neighborhood, but you have no idea where that place is... Google Maps certainly makes your job easier. If you have a store and use your site as marketing, use the google maps app to win over some customers. Everyone will see you much more easily where you are located. 

On SITE123, you can embed google maps on your page in a very simple way! Just go to your site editor, select the "Pages" tab, edit the "Contact" field with the exact data of your address and you're done. The map is up-to-date and the correct path is guaranteed for your customers.

Google Map

"Embed google map to your free website easily"