Image Galleries

Image Galleries

Upload pieces of your work to your website and showcase your skills to your potential customers. A portfolio is a very important tool to promote any career. For artists, photographers and designers, in particular, it functions as a showcase of their work, presenting the skills, qualifications, training, and experience of the professional.

Using 24/7 Website Chat Support   IMAGE GALLERY PAGE TEMPLATES
We offer a few different kinds of image gallery templates that will put your work in a great perspective and showcase your skills in a special way. All templates are responsive. Whether it is the Slideshow galleries, Carousel Gallery or the rounded images gallery, they will all work great and are perfect if you need to display a set of photos in sequence.

Be organized and separate your projects according to your categories. For example, if you are a designer, then you might want to split the images into logos, websites, banners, etc. This helps visitors find exactly the specific category they are looking for.

Online Support Center   BULK IMAGES UPLOADING
Use the bulk images upload tool option to upload many images at a time. This will save you a lot of effort in creating your image gallery.

Online Support Center   UPLOAD IMAGE AND VIDEO
Uploading pictures and videos lets you quickly enhance the display, beauty, and content of your website. You can add both videos and images to the same gallery now, or separate them into different galleries if you like. The choice is yours! This functionality gives you more options and ease when setting up your media galleries. Enjoy the enhanced functionality of SITE123 galleries while also making your website look better than ever.

Editing the title and description of media in your galleries lets you add text and functionality to all media. The title and description will help with SEO, display, and organization of your galleries, making each of your media items look more attractive and provide more information when highlighting them with the mouse. Enhancing client options is what SITE123 designs for and this tool makes giving a context to your media easy and convenient.

Online Support Center   SET URL FOR MEDIA
You can add a URL link for every media item in any of your galleries, letting you link to other URLs with ease. This can be used to navigate viewers around your website or to other related websites, tailoring their experience so you can guide them to what you want your users to see. This is a major and important part of website design, designing the pathways with which people can move in, around, and out of your website.

Choosing a custom video thumbnail lets you change the first image users see over-top video files in your media gallery. Online research has shown that a well designed thumbnail has a significant positive effect on having viewers click on a video. Taking advantage of this tool means you can draw more viewers to watch your videos and learn about your site and what it is all about in one of the most effective ways possible.

You can add YouTube and Vimeo videos to your online media galleries! Once you have your Youtube or Vimeo media public and live, you can copy the URL and place it as a video in your gallery - it will appear in the gallery as if you uploaded it to your SITE123 website. This empowers you as a user to show off long videos on your website on any topic you need, letting you advertise products or enhance the draw of your store.

"SITE123 responsive media galleries will help you showcase your work in the best way!"