SEO Tools

SEO Tools

If you are unfamiliar with the term, you are probably asking: what is SEO? It is short for Search Engine Optimization. Use SITE123 tools and put your website to the top of search results.

Your website meta tags are a very important part of your website SEO. The meta title, for example, is the title that goes along with the other meta tags and gives your website a title on search engines, like Google. That means it is the title a user will click on when they find your website on search results.
With that in mind, you should focus on writing nice meta tags that will get people excited to click on your links and browse your website. It has to be very attractive in that sense and it is part of your SEO basics. Writing a good unique description for a page can contribute a greater amount of user clicks as long as this description is very attractive.
Set your website’s meta tags easily with SITE123’s platform.

The sitemap is a file that is stored with your website in our hosts. Google and other search engines crawl the web for content and your sitemap file gives them the exact information they are looking for about your website.
The sitemap puts all your website information within a specific set of parameters that allow search engines to understand the organization of your website, the relevancy of its content and how it should be displayed in search results.
Your sitemap is generated automatically by our system. You can check what your sitemap looks like anytime on our platform. All you need to do is go to the website editor, click on Settings, then SEO, and you will see the link to your sitemap.

You can build a new website and keep your old website SEO performance. All the hard work put on building your reputation with Google, Bing and other search engines will be preserved using our 301 redirect generator. The 301 redirects tells search engines that your website, the one that they already know, is now at a different location with a new design. This feature is programmed into your SITE123 website code and it will enable search engines to understand that this is your new website and this is where they should redirect users to.

Create an account with Google Webmaster Tools (it's free) and bring very relevant information to your business. The Webmaster Tool shows how Google sees the site and can help you better analyze the results or find opportunities for improvement.
To make use of Google Webmaster tools along with your site, simply activate the function through the site editor on SITE123. Get started today and see the first results shortly.