Third-party Plugins

Third-party Plugins

Plugins are applications set to increase and add new functions to your site, and SITE123 provides several to make your site even more interesting and useful.

Using 24/7 Website Chat Support   ANALYTICS TOOLS
Analytics tools are traffic monitoring systems and can be easily installed on your SITE123 website.
The primary goal of analytics tools is not only to show you how many users are accessing the site, but how those users behave while browsing the various pages and sections of your site. Undoubtedly it is a tool that will help you a lot in solving any traffic problems on your site.

Traffic monitoring is one of the main functions of any online activity and is indispensable for business management in this segment. Google Analytics is the industry standard tool and is found in our list of website plugins. You can install it on your website and closely follow the standards of your customers, always increasing the quality and tailoring according to the wishes of who visits you, as well as improving your SEO performance.

Email Support   LIVE SUPPORT CHAT 
Blogs, newspapers, Facebook, twitter, news feeds ... the consumer who was waiting for days for an email response, today has access to information in real time, wherever they are.
You deal today with highly informed consumers who want speed in online replies. Making your client wait may be the reason for a possible failure. So opting for a chat on your site will make the difference between your page and your competitors’.

Chats even outweigh the phone when it comes to channel preference. At SITE123 you can add a chat to your page and ensure that your customer is answered immediately after a question. It is very practical and your audience will be very satisfied. We have several options and designs and you can choose the one that best suits your site. This type of plugin definitely makes your page a very professional website.

Online Support Center   MARKETING TOOLS
Do you know that beautiful and attractive email that you would like to send to your customers but you have no idea how to do it? With these marketing website plugins you can do this and even more in a very simple way and start a constant contact with your clients, developing a relationship that is based on credibility.

Now you can easily send emails to all registered users or those who commented on your site. This makes customers aware of updates on your pages or any new offers that your business is offering. You can have a database of existing and potential customers who are interested in your products and services and notify them whenever you have something new to show.
Plugins integrated with SITE123 make it possible for you to manage subscribers, create your email templates, and send newsletters to hundreds or thousands of subscribers. You will make your business grow a lot through email marketing.

Website Tutorials   WEBMASTER TOOLS
You certainly want to be found on the web when someone searches for your industry on Google. Webmaster tools are an excellent SEO tool that help you optimize your page on search engines, allowing you to find it right in the first results. Use this website plugin and guarantee its success!

Using Webmaster tools, you'll be able to see some of the information on how Google interprets your site, and then how these trends can help you improve your page for your customers and Google.
Webmaster Tools provide a lot of relevant information mainly in regards to site indexing, duplicate pages / titles and page removal. It also shows the potential for site growth through impressions and rankings in Google search results. Knowing this data, you can rank your site so that it is always on top of Google and other search engines.

"Use website plugins to enrich the content of your website and provide a whole new experience to your visitors."