Video Tool

Video Tool

We offer many options for you to use video to enhance the quality of your website. Video is one of the most important ways of publishing content that is available online nowadays. Let’s see a few options SITE123 has to offer.

Using 24/7 Website Chat Support   VIDEO BACKGROUND
The first option is the possibility of adding video backgrounds to your websites. It’s simple and it will cause a big impact on your visitors. A background video on your website’s homepage can attract the attention of your visitors and create a great first impression. Entertain your visitors with a homepage background video.

Email Support   VIDEO GALLERY 
If you consider using more than one video on your website you could use our video galleries. There is enough space to upload lots of videos and enhance the experience you will be providing for your visitors and clients. Pick a gallery layout and start uploading your videos to see the difference it will make on your visitors.

Besides the possibilities above, our builtin video instrument permits you to insert YouTube or Vimeo video into your site. You can simply embed the videos you already have online to your site here on SITE123 and it will cut your work in half. By knowing how to insert a YouTube or Vimeo video and utilizing this instrument, you will have the capacity to provide your customer or guest the experience of being able to see your most recent videos without having to go to different places.

Website Tutorials   SINGLE VIDEO PAGE
One more possibility is having a page with a single video on it. The idea of a page with nothing else but just a single video on it is incredibly useful in some cases. Enjoy the single video pages option to present more about an idea, product, service, or your company itself.

Website Tutorials   FREE VIDEO LIBRARY
If you do not have much content in the form of videos, or if you would like to complement your video gallery, we have a special surprise: a free video library. You can browse through many videos available and use them on your website. All without having to worry about copyrights and all free of charge. Just open up the page where you are putting your videos, click on the library icon and start browsing through the many categories to find videos that fit your content and purpose.

Website Tutorials   UPLOAD YOUR VIDEO
The most valuable part of your website is the unique content you generate by yourself. Whether if it’s your official product’s presentation or your band’s new music video - Your own content is what makes the difference for your visitors. Remember to upload your own videos and connect to your visitors more easily.

"Use our video tools and enjoy the results!"